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Advice for buying a performance car

Buying a used car is never an easy task, from searching cars for sale sections of websites and newspapers through to negotiating a price, there are many things to watch out for. Whether it's a new car, a used vehicle, a private car sale or if you're buying from a second hand car dealer a good rule is to never assume anything and if it's a very cheap used car, then be very careful. When buying a performance car there are even more things that need to be checked like modifications and the quality of any installed aftermarket car parts.

Firstly, do your research, you want to find the right car for your needs, so get online and see what are the best cars for sale in your price range. If you need ideas check out the 'buyer's guide' section of this website. Once you've been successful in finding a used car you like, get in touch with the owner and find out how long they have had the car, if it's only been a short time they might be passing on a lemon. Next check the ownership and other details at Checka for a full vehicle history report. If it's all legit arrange to view the car and inspect it closer.

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